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SFF-TA-1002 Gen-Z

Gen-Z is a high density and modular interconnect that offers flexibility and signal integrity for high speed signaling. It uses the variations of 1C, 2C, and 4C to the SFF-TA-1002 connector system published by SNIA. Zhaolong can provide the connector with small size and robust mechanical performance which could provide best flexibility and save the space in system

Product Category

Gen-Z 1C Straight Plug

Gen-Z 1C Right Angel Plug

Gen-Z 2C Straight Plug

Gen-Z 2C Right Angel Plug

Gen-Z 4C Straight Plug

Gen-Z 4C Right Angel Plug

Features and Benefits
Small Size Design: Pitch 0.6mm 
Interface Compliant with SFF-TA-1002 Standard
85 ohm Impedance design for PCIe Application
Support PCIe 5.0 32.0GT/s Application
Excellent SI performance: signal Rate up to 56 GT/s PAM4 and 112 GT/s PAM4
Support power and high speed signal transmission together
Straight(STR) and Right Angel(R/A) plug are available, side exit and other cable plug can be customized
30-34AWG are available for both discrete and ribbon cable

Target Market
Switch, Router, Servers
Storage, RAID Systems
External Storage Data Systems
SAS/SATA/PCIe HBA Interfaces
Direct Attached Storage (DAS)