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Optical Transceiver SFP28-25G-SR/LR

Zhaolong AOC active optical cable module is equipped with a photoelectric conversion device to convert electrical signals into optical signals for transmission. One optical cable is used to connect two high-density connectors. Its low power consumption, l

Comply with IEEE802.3 Ethernet standard
Complies with MSA SFF-8431 and other specifications
Transmission rate 10G/40Gbps, 25G/100Gbps
Hot swappable electrical interface
EEPROM burning and customized content
Small size and light weight
Low power consumption, longer transmission distance
The maximum connection length of OM3 multimode fiber is 70 meters
The maximum connection length of OM4 multimode fiber is 100 meters

Higher bandwidth
Better resistance to electromagnetic interference
Higher reliability and transmission speed

25G-100G Ethernet
InfiniBand SDR, QDR, DDR
Servers, storage, switches and routers